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Kueea /kwiːa/ Circle

Welcome to the official Web site of Kueea Circle!

Kueea Circle is the first Kueea Network. Developing Kueea System is the primary goal of the circle.

One can think of the system as something akin to WWW. The difference is that WWW is for publishing documents, while Kueea System is for executing programs.

The circle is open for new members. Members are required to selflessly help the circle with its projects and to be patient. Simply maintaining one’s node is enough to become a member. That said, there is no such software at the moment.

The circle’s mailbox can be reached via the alias circle at domain kueea.info.

The circle’s RDG number is 5ANOI73ZWZ37DCVLYHM5LB5Wbase32.

Domain Name System

The kueea.info. domain is managed collectively by all members of the circle. The Web site located under this name represents the network.

Third-level labels (names) are assigned to individual members. These names start a new DNS authority zone.

Labels of members’ hosts (machines) should be at the fourth level. They are usually private and not made public, because these would be hosts in the member’s home network.

Members are also assigned an e-mail alias at the main domain, corresponding to their assigned DNS label.