Kueea /kwiːa/ Circle

Welcome to the official Web site of Kueea Circle!

Kueea Circle is the first Kueea System Network.

As the system is still a work in progress, bootstraping the system is the primary goal of the circle.

Membership is entirely voluntary. The only requirement members have is to selflessly help the circle with its projects and being patient.

Messages should be sent to the mailbox circle at domain kueea.info.


The domain is managed collectively by all members of the circle. It creates a space in DNS for the circle.

Third-level names are given either to a project or to a member.


Virtual host that serves Kueea System documentation.
The goal of the project is to create a production-ready operating system. Academic titles are of no interest to the authors.


Names managed by circle’s members start a new authority zone.

Actual names of members’ hosts (devices) are on the fourth level. These names are rather private and not made public, unless someone needs to make more than one device public.

These domains are managed by 不無之化込子 (Fumu-no-Kagomeko), the circle’s creator. This hyperlink leads to a photo of the host.