Project Kueea /kwiːa/

Welcome to the official Web site of Project Kueea!

Project Kueea is a continuum leading to a system transition. A transition which preserves the memory about the previous systems, while striving for the inevitable, distant future.

Its goal is to bring back the network, on which individualism can be seen and felt. With the emergence of large-scale services that serve millions of users, the individual user has lost its presence and persona. It became something indistinguishable from the rest of the crowd. Also, what happened to content moderation? ethics? bans? These services are unmanageable and automatic management does not really work. Project Kueea aims to put these applications into your hands, so that all communications are done between two individuals, without the need for a third party. While you may still want your data to be held by another, you ought to have a choice. It must not be forced upon you.

This page contains information about the domain

Usually, domains of the second level are names managed by organizations. They are sometimes referred to as ‘organizational domains.’ Here, there is no organization. There is no host. The ‘organization’ is virtual. (At least that is what the ideal is. If more persons join, it will automatically make it into one. There needs to be somebody managing the domain, after all.) The domain is used like first-level domains.

The third level is composed of the special domain ‘system,’ for resources regarding Kueea OS, and domains managed by individuals involved with the project.

Actual host names are on the fourth level, under an individual’s domain.

This domain is composed of virtual hosts serving Web pages about Kueea OS.


These domains are managed by 不無之化込子 (Fumu-no-Kagomeko), the project founder.